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blank_space 08 [May-->Dec]

  HALLELUJAH blank_space xmas group show
  Michael Priddy One Thousand Head Strong
  Paul Shopis & Belinda Villani
    Philip James Frost Human Decay
  MANSCAPES Angelo Giannoutsos
  Simon Lovelace New Works

Mick Turner [Of The Dirty Three]

Nudes, beasts, angels, flowers, a birth, a death and trips to the ocean

    Burning Luck Duygu Beykal
      Backbeach In The Summer Andrew Kelly
David B Murray  DBM/08
  The Seventeen Summers Of Heidiko Jones
  Tim Andrew Mighty Awesome
  The Smoking Gun Tanya St James
Adam Murray New work  
              Tongue In Cheek   Melody Caramins
    Cockatoos & Ponytails  Cristoph & Bridget
  Leon Fernandes
          Martin Yusuf & Bede Ketcher Two special men  
    Kirsten Fredericks Work the ball
  Nicole Hands the ties that bind

blank_space group show 4 Daniel Connell   Michael Joyce   Rebecca Ayre-Smith  Luke Strevens   Anne Mackellar   Alison Smith

    Christopher Holland The Assemblage Point
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